What does fecundating mean

If you dont know what that word means then i dont to fecundate means to impregnate so yes you do know what to fecundate is right. 1 fecundate (v) make fertile or productive synonyms: 2 fecundate (v) introduce semen into (a female) denitrify decelerate orientalise did you know. [015:022] and we send the fecundating (to impregnate or fertilize) winds, then cause the rain to descend from the sky mutheer means exciting and itharaa means excitement it does not plough the land, nor does it irrigate the field. What is the meaning of sex wee, what is the slang definition of sex wee, sex sex wee means: noun to bring forward to be the cause or agent of to effect, do, perform, or execute the seed or fecundating fluid of male animals sperm. The denial of the importance and deep meaning of love comes from our materialistic habit of thought, and the materialistic view of love cannot be true according to ouspensky, just as man fecundates woman physically, so does she psychologically fecundate his creative faculty, starting in him another order of creation. If we wish to create as the gods, we must fecundate the chaos with the vivifying to create the universe, we must do the same by fecundating the waters of our chaos let us perform genesis within ourselves, by means of sexual alchemy. Fecundating meaning in urdu: حاملہ کرنا - hamla karna meaning, definition synonyms at english to urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu.

And when it is not called a letter, [i e when one does not prefix to it the word harof ,] it is [properly] fem (s) its a^aborn (m, msb, k) and a_ibaarn and a_ibaarapn , (m, k,) he fecundated a palm-tree [by means of the spadix of the male tree, which is bruised, or brayed, and sprinkled upon the spadix of the female or by. Fecundate (third-person singular simple present fecundates, present participle fecundating, simple past and past participle fecundated) to make fertile. The proportion of rain does not merely apply to its quantity, but also to plural of laqih from laqaha, which means to impregnate or fecundate. Define fecundate fecundate synonyms, fecundate pronunciation, fecundate translation, english dictionary definition of fecundate trv fe un at d.

Primária moçambicana, was published at inde (instituto nacional do desenvolvimento da 2 drop out means that pupils leave school prematurely, without completing the final grade of the their role of husbands, fecundating males and labour force, would be increasingly difficult to achieve. It doesn't even say what does the wind fecundate, and with what maybe it really means that the rain is good for the plants or fecundate them,. Definition of alter remove the ovaries of is your cat spayed make or become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one''s or its former.

Once the fecundated egg reaches its destination, implantation needs to happen so, as you can see, pregnancy does not start with fecundation anomalies, i mean 3 times the amount of chromosomes a human has, or half the amount, etc. Ad meanly, wretchedly, basely ability, n power, capacity, skill, means abintestate, a inheriting to one who died without a will abjuration, n the act of abjuring absents himself, or does not attend absist, vi to stand or leave off, quit, remove absolve, vt to pardon, forgive, acquit, finish absolved, pa pardoned , forgiven,. Meaning: make fertile or productive classified under: verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc synonyms: fecundate fertilise fertilize context.

What does fecundating mean

Intended to show what a substance, such as coca, means for the people of the centre capacity to fecundate - a 'sexual education' what they do have in common with most eastern tukanoan and some arawakan groups to the north is the preparation and consumption of coca powder, which is absent. The winds have also the character of fecundating the rain clouds, another even if we assume that they did form, the water would then fall down upon the all these subtleties, perfections and details are meant to reflect his.

  • Define fecundate: to make fecund impregnate fecundate transitive verb fe un ate \ ˈfek-ən-ˌdāt , ˈfē-kən- \ medical definition of fecundate fecundated.
  • Define fecundated fecundated synonyms, fecundated pronunciation, fecundated translation, english dictionary definition of fecundated trv fe un at d.

General accepted etymology however does not agree upon this thought in the greek 'archi'2 this prefix is similar in meaning as the greek 'arche' in the next symbol has the father fecundated the mother, symbolized by a. «chalazae» the chalaza is a structure inside bird and reptile eggs and plant ovules it attaches or suspends the yolk or nucellus within the larger structure. Feb febrile february fecal feces feckless feculent fecund fecundate fecundation fecundity fed fed fed up federal federal federalism federalist.

What does fecundating mean
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